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Pranam to shree ganeshventolin overnight. He is known as the God of wisdom and enlightenment and is the creator of Vedic Jyotish, the science of light.

Divine Astro Integration is the creation of links to combine Atma and Jyotish Vidya with Divine purity so that they work together.  Finally the joining of the soul with God is the Divine Science.

The Divine Integration means that all of Your Aspects are being raised into the Light, so that you Fully realize your Divine Existence- Eternal Peace, Infinite Abundance, Perfect Health and Happiness, and every other quality of Your Innate Divine Perfection. By means you shall have glory of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

The past life regression first assists clients in remembering, and then releasing, clearing and healing from the old beliefs and patterns held in the mind, body and emotions. The power of love and light from the Divine Powers expressed through these tools assist clients in becoming whole, complete and free.

Sunita would be very happy to suggest remedies through past life regression Therapy, Astrology & Numerology.

Her Service provides past life regression Therapy, Astrology prediction, Horoscope printing, compatibility, marriage match using Numerology, Guidance on Vastu, Mantra, Yantra & Precious Gems (Ratna) Remedies.

Her Activity is Awakening people in contact and trying to make Social Transformation through Integrated Holistic Healing.

Let she help you on your Journey to Wholeness.

“This site is dedicated to my Ishta Devata Shree Dattatraya, Devi Renuka, My Guru Navanath, Guru in my previous birth Shree Prabhuraj Swami, & Dr. K. Newton”

Shree Dattatraya Devi Renuka My Guru Navanath Shree Prabhuraj Swami Dr. K. Newton

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