Palmistry (Palm Reading)-(Chiromancy)


Palmistry (Palm Reading)-(Chiromancy)

It is the science of Indian origin. It is also called as Samudrik Shastra. It is a part of vast study. Palmistry is the sub-section of the Samudrik Shastra as it considers palms only. It is practiced all over the world. It is also known as Chirology. The Palmistry realizes the power within you and discover the hidden paths which are destined by luck. Palmistry deals with the shape of hands and fingers, the lines and markings of the palm.

Dr. Sunita studies and reveals insights about the person and makes predictions through a detailed observation of the features of the palm. She observes aspects like size, texture, colour, pattern and formations of lines and other specific symbols on the palm. Through decades of research, experience, and analysis, she has mastered the palm reading.

Palmistry takes into account the combination of the five elements and body composition types for a better insight and heightened understanding of the individual.

Palm shows one’s emotional tendencies, social attitudes, conscious awareness as well as subconscious fears, blockages, weaknesses. The shape of hands affects thoughts, nature and even career of a person. Palm reading helps analyse potential abilities and understand the inherent human nature. It can help provide information about the ideal career, relationships, finances, health, family and other aspects of an individual’s life. Palmistry consultation helps to get deep insights of personal and professional life. Person can shape own destiny through Palm reading.

Dr. Sunita provides detailed reports of the consultation. Palmistry consultation makes aware about destiny through own karmas. It deals with issues involving:


  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Future goals
  • To resolve any specific issue
  • Get an insight into real-self

When time of birth is not sure, then analysis of the palm helps for future
prediction, as our hand can never be wrong. Horoscope help in knowing
celestial placements while the palm indicates our inner self. Your
complete name, age, gender and the date of taking photo of palms is
necessary for accurate predictions.

The images of both the hands you can send through

  • Digital camera
  • Mobile