Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy

She has done course of Past Life Regression Therapy from renowned Dr. Newton. She started doing Past Life Regression after training with Dr. K. Newton, Medical Doctor, a qualified Hypno-therapist, Holistic Health Consultant and a Metaphysical Teacher, a Spiritual Scientist. Her interest in facilitating Past Life Regression is to help people better understand who they really are and to improve the quality of their lives.


Past life memories are the Autobiography of your Eternal Soul. These are personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on Earth.

Within each of us appears to reside the events of past lives. A chronic lower back pain or knee problem or chronic sore throat tells a story from an old accident or wound. The soul returns to life over and over with these traumatic stories, then memories are re-created in our current life anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, nightmares and unexplainable physical pain. The symptoms may include panic attacks, emotional outbursts, blocked feelings, self-harm, numbness, unexplainable physical pain or recurring relationship problems.

Most of the emotional problems as well as hang-ups that you experience at that moment have come along with you from your previous life. Your previous life also decides your financial status, job, health and relationships.

Past Life Regression therapy is a way of viewing one’s past life and is a great therapy for healing as well as finding solutions to problems, illnesses and fears that people encounter in their present lives.

The past life regression first assists clients in remembering, and then releasing, clearing and healing from the old beliefs and patterns held in the mind, body and emotions. The power of love and light from the Divine Powers expressed through these tools assist clients in becoming whole, complete and free.

The main reason for reincarnating is to learn lessons. Reincarnation and Karma are interrelated. Before we reincarnate, we choose the circumstances, parents, social conditions and situations into which we are born so as to give us the ideal conditions for learning the lessons that we have set out to learn in this lifetime.

PLR will result in:

  • Improvements in every aspect of your personal life.
  • Improvements in the way you see yourself, more confident, happier.
  • Improvement in health and well-being.
  • Improvement in better money flow and financial stability.
  • Improvements in deep rooted emotional hang-ups and phobias.

Why do a Past Life Regression?

In my practice, I have found that through Past Life Regression people find healing with individuals that they are in conflict with at work, in social circles and in their families.

I find regressions are particularly helpful in solving relationship problems with partners, parents and family members because of the tendency to continue to share life experiences with these people. Fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of water, etc. all seem to have roots in Past Life Traumas.

There is also remarkable evidence both in my practice and the literature that chronic somatic illnesses can be relieved and cured through the use of Past Life Regression. Our bodies are a reflection of our conscious and unconscious mind.

Past Life Regression-

Past life as an Egyptian Saint as well as a medicine woman in a tribe of East India. Many of the drives of service began with “setting right” the past. Understanding the meaning of the lives and letting go of the repressed material has cleared the picture of the direction that I am going in this lifetime.

It’s like reading a book. While you are reading, you allow yourself to get into the flow of the action, become deeply involved with the characters in the story and often times draw pictures in your mind about what the characters might look like, their setting, perhaps what they’re feeling, etc. This is a form of hypnosis and if you can look at it that way, you will be very successful. You wouldn’t say, while reading this book, that this isn’t really happening, it’s just words on a page and my imagination is making it up. You become involved in the action and often get your other senses involved. This is what I find is most helpful for people doing regression work.

Successful lives around particular problems can be accessed to give you more resources and energy to move forward, difficult and painful lives can be brought to closure and redirected, again to give you more energy and resources to your own personal becoming.