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Vastu Consultancy for their residence, commercial complexes on technical background is specialty of Sunita.

Vastu, she demonstrates with amazing clarity her advice to carry out reforms in Vastu related defects in a building without demolition. She has acquired extensive knowledge in the use of gemstones, occult symbols, Mantras, Yantras and application of Energy balancing & harmonizing principles on the basis of Vedic concept.

Reading: Vastu For New Structure Price: $100.00

Reading: Vastu For Existing Structure Price: $150.00

Tips – Vastu : Alter with Caution

While building our houses or any other structure, if we find that it is not properly planned we always make some changes. For example, if any part off the construction is not made according to our equirement, we break it and try to change it. Please note that the main door of the structure should not be altered while the construction is going on.

Tips – Vastu : Auspicious days and direction

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are auspicious day to start the construction. Digging work should be started from the northeastern direction and the structure should be built from southern to western direction. The construction should not end on south.

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Feng Shui the Chinese wisdom is based upon the Tao Principals a combination of divine and universal energy i.e. earth & heaven. The uses of mystic Chinese formulation help us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Tao principals of fengshui
create harmonize natural energy to bring good luck and achieving our dreams and desire to make us happy.

Feng Shui is all about how energy moves in our surroundings and how to harness this energy for happy, healthy and prosperous life. Millions of people gained beneficial results just by small change. You also can have it by simple re arrangement of desk, furniture changing color and shape of placements of symbolic objects. Life force of the earth is circulated by water. Similarly subtle energy circulation in the space is governed by the wind. Wind brings healthy energy and takes bad energy. So water and wind are essential elements in the nature and in our life.Fengshui has its root in TAO, which means the way of nature.

• Nourishing Energy :- Mother Earth in the form of food.
• Cosmic Energy :- Air in the form of oxygen or Vital force from space.


The most powerful mystical system of change through creative interaction of YIN and Yang to transform our life into our new horizon base of our existence to powerful forces father and mother (Fa Maa). All matter has vibrations. The Hindu call it Prans the Chinese call it Chi and the Japanese call it Ki. Fengshui teach us the way-inevitable powerful and harmonious way of life and existence. Universe is in state of constant flow of this Chi around us. This flow is governed by descending Yang Chi from the heavens and the Ascending Yin Chi from the earth. When unseen Chi is transform into visible it takes shapes and forms. This shape represents the property of energy for some purpose.

In this figure the circle represents heaven chi-square sitting in the middle of heaven represents earth and central triangle represents the Man. this is the Taoist symbolization of heaven, earth and Man.

Yin-Yang and your House

According to Feng Shui, in the centre of the house maximum yin-yang energy is present and so when this part is used for applying yin¬ yang theory, it gives best results. First of all remove all clutter from the centre and other places in the house.

• Perform pyramidal fire in the center of the house once a week at sunrise and at sunset.
• Place a small bulb in that place and keep it ‘on’ all the time. Places and comers of the house, inside and outside home that always remain shaded or dark, this can lower down the flow of Chi’.
• Put dark glasses or films there to lessen down too much of ‘Chi’. where there is much light at a place.
• Place wind chime or any other constantly moving object to balance its energy. Some comer or room of your house or work place to be passive and very less or no activity is done there.
• If some rooms in your house are too much ventilated then lessen the ventilation or if Some room is very less ventilated increase the ventilation to balance the energy in the room.

Ba Gua

Feng-Shui Ba Gua is a fundamental tool to determine the influence of directional energy. The Ba Gua represents the journey of life, the Tao, and we can use it to create comfortable living, working and leisure places. Ba Gua is an eight sided diagram, with each side symbolizing an aspect of life such as family, children, health, friendship, love, travel, business and money. To check Ba Gua, superimpose it over a land, building, room or desk. It highlights the missing and extending areas showing us which aspect of life is affected. When a corner or section is missing or extending, it indicates energy imbalance and corresponding aspects oflice might also be disturbed.