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Mantra :

In Vedic practices, most ancient techniques and classical Hinduism, mantra symbolizes as a necessity for spiritual advancement and high attainment. Mantras are energy-based sounds. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. Actual physical ibration when coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component, which influences the result of saying it.

1.The Gayatri Mantra is the universal prayer enshrined in the Vedas. We have to recite the Mantra as follows.


The Gayatri Mantra may be translated as follows

OM (OM) – We meditate (DHEEMAHI) upon the Spiritual Effulgence (BHARGO) of THAT
Adorable Supreme Divine Reality (VARENYAM DEVASYA), the Source (SAVITUR) of the Physical (BHUR),the Astral (BHUVA), and the Heavenly (SVAHA) Spheres of Existence. May THAT (TAT) Supreme Divine Being enlighten (PRACHODAYAT) our (NAH) Intellect (DHIYO) (So that we may realise the Supreme Truth).

2. This Mahamritunjaya mantra is from the Rig-Veda and needs initiation for attaining Siddhi. Anybody can recite this mantra and attain good health, release from bondage and other problems. This is the greatest reliever from all evils. Recite the Maha-mantra 108 times (one rosary) or its multiples in each sitting.


(21 Times)

We pray to Brihaspati (the Lord of this Universe and the teacher of this Vedic Knowledge).

VYAM VASHISHTHAYA NAMAH (21 Times) This is the prayer to Maharishi Vashistha

The initiated should practice the Pranayama ten times with the Beejakshara Mantra “OM
HOUM JUM SAH”. Others can skip this and go to the Maha-mantra directly.

This is to be followed by the Dhyana Mantra (Meditation) of Sri Tryambakeswara (One of the
twelve Jyotirlinga) and then meditate on Sri Tryambakeshwara (Lord Shiva) and Sri Amriteshwari (Gouri or Parvati Shakti) with the relevant beejakshara and Rudra Pooja. Meditate for at least 15 Minutes before starting the Japa (Recitation of Mantra).

Then repeat the following Mahamritunjaya mantra 108 times or multiples of this number. The Mahamritunjaya Mantra reads:


3. Navgraha Mantra

Om jabaakusuma sankaasham kaashyapayam mahaadyutim Tamorim sarvapaapaghnam pranato-smi divaakaram Om suryaaya namah

Dadhi sankha tushaaraabham kshiirodaarnasambhavam Namaami shashinam somam shambhormukuta bhushanam Om candraaya namah

Dharaniigarbhasambhutam vidyutkaanti samaprabham Kumaaram shaktihastam ca tam mangalam pranamaamyaham

Om mangalaaya namah

Priyangukalikashyaamam ruupenaa-pratimam budham Saumyam saumyamgunopetam tam budham pranamaamyaham Om budhaaya namah

Devaanaanca rishinaanca gurum kaancana sannibham Buddhi bhutam trilokesham tam namaami brihaaspatim Om gurave namah

Hima kunda mrinaalaabham daityaanaam paramam gurum Sarvashaastrapravaktaaram bhaargavam pranamaamyaham Om Shukraaya namah

Niilaambujasamaabhaasam raviputram yamaagrajam Chaayaamaartandasambhuutam tam namaami shanaishacaram Om Shaanaishcaraaya namah

Arddhakaayam mahaaviiryam candraadityavimardanam
Simhikaagarbha sambhuutam tam Raahu pranamaamyaham Om Raahave namah

Paalaashapushpa sankaasham taarakaagrahamastakam
Raudram raudraatmakam ghoram tam ketu pranamaamyaham Om Ketave namah

Yantra :

All ancient cultures had sacred geometric designs representative of their Gods, which had a mantra(or sacred sound vibration) that corresponded to it. In the Vedic culture, we find much power and energy said to be held within sacred geometric symbols. Yantras are not “lucky charms” to be worn or displayed as icons of power in and of themselves. Much specific knowledge and ability must go into their preparation and much dedication and worship is required to achieve the desired effects.

Yantra means a “talisman”, or “instrument” or ” Amulet” or “Kavach” which, if prepared and created by a qualified person as well as utilised under his specific instructions for fruitful results,A Yantra without bija mantras is dead. They can be drawn to whatever size is required. In worship they should be placed level on a pedestal or pitha. Before any Yantra is a suitable object for puja, it must be given life (pranapratishta).

Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, gazing it everyday can fulfill your desires and help in attaining your goals.

t is auspicious to see the Yantra daily in the morning and one should lit incense/dhoop
or lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. By doing this the native is blessed with success and wealth. We send these Yantras only after Pran pratishta (energising or performing Pooja on them).

Yantra For Business Yantra For Attracting Wealth YantraFor Prosperity and Luck
Sarv Karyasidhi Yantra
Subhlabh Yantra
Vyapar Vridhi Yantra
Shri Yantra
Kuber Yantra
Mahalakshmi Yantra
Durga Bisa Yantra
Ganesh Yantra
Nav Graha Yantra
Ramraksha Yantra
Sarv Karyasidhi Yantra
Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra
Yantra For Attraction Yantra For Education Yantra Overcome Enemies
Shukra Yantra
Vashikaran Yantra
Gayatri Yantra
Saraswati Yantra
Bagala Mukhi Yantra
Hanuman Yantra
Mahakali Yantra
Yantra For Children Yantra For Health YantraFor Planets Other Yantras
Santangopal Yantra Mahamritunjay Yantra
Mangal Yantra
Surya Yantra
Vahandurghtna Yantra
Nav Graha Yantra
Brihaspati Yantra
Chandra Yantra
Ketu Yantra
Mercury Yantra
Rahu Yantra
Shani Yantra
Shukra Yantra
Mangal Yantra
Surya Yantra
Kaalsarp(Naagpash) Yantra
Batuk Bhairon Yantra
Durga Bisa Yantra
Hanuman Yantra
Mahakali Yantra

Jyotish Gem Remedies To Improve Your Life

Vedic Astrology prescribes Jyotish Gems to bring Harmony, Strength and Balance into your life.

Vedic tradition tells us to balance and strengthen our mind/body with Ayurvedic therapies, Vedic Yagya, Jyotish, Vedic herbs, Meditation, Yoga Asanas and Pure, Sattvic Astrological Gemstones.

Increase your Health, Happiness and Success. Wear pure gemstones to get valuable support in your Journey to Wholeness.

Vedic Wisdom teaches that a pure, untreated Gem will improve your life.

REAL stone is beautiful, it has the right energy.

Healing through gems and stones for medicinal and astrological purposes is known as Gem Stone Healing. Since ancient times, learned people are using precious gems and stones to heal people and situations astrologically.

Gems are graded by four qualities, known as the “four C’s.” These stand for Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, (size).

Ruby Remedy for Sun Emerald Remedy for Mercury Blue Sapphire Remedy for Saturn Yellow Sapphire Remedy for Jupiter
White Sapphire Remedy for Venus Pearl Remedy for Moon Tourmalines Remedy for Sun Diamond Remedy for Venus
Citrine Remedy for Jupiter Amethyst Remedy for Saturn Opal Remedy for Venus Red Coral Remedy for Marss