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Online Courses

Welcome to the Online Course in Vedic Jyotish

Learn Vedic Jyotish by professional astrologer from India.

The features of Vedic Astrology Online Course are

  • The course is based on ancient Indian Vedic astrology.
  • Learn astrology at home in your spare time.
  • Learn how to chart horoscope.
  • Learn to read horoscope for your past, present and Future.
  • It gives you the knowledge to optimize your potential.
  • The methodology has been designed in a systematic and convenient manner to suit your specific needs.
  • It’s convenient and internet-based, which allows flexibility to study anytime, and anywhere there is online access.
  • Define your spiritual purpose and path in life,
  • The Course will connect you with your higher self, past life learning’s and future growth.
  • Duration of the course is three months for each module.
  • You will be awarded a certificate after completion of the course.


Personalized Intensive Courses :

Our Institute offers Modular Courses in Vedic Astrology and other Astro-sciences with complete and integrated course material with case studies for easy understanding of the complex concepts. As long as admission requirements are fulfilled, anyone is welcome to study with DIVINE ASTRO INTEGRATION, regardless of background, culture, differing abilities, interests and beliefs, origin, gender, sexual orientation, illness or disability.

Astrology Courses are offered learning of the advanced principles of interpreting horoscope so that you learn predictive astrology with greater accuracy. Those who learn and practice these principles are likely to be tommorows’ leading astrologers.

Admission Procedure :

Candidates interested in the courses of Vedic astrology, can contact for any of the courses at email-id : and ask for further details about Registration form, Syllabus & Course Material. Course details are given below.

Eligibility :

10+2 any Subject or equivalent qualification can take admission. There are no prerequisites of knowledge in Astrology for (J1) Jyotish Visharad and Vastu for Vastu Courses.


The learning of predictive astrology techniques progresses through study of supplied notes and course related books, ancient granthas. Duration depends on the time spent by the student. Approx. duration is specified in the Course Details below.

Examination :

The examination will be held after the commencement of the course. The ONLINE examination would be conducted to test the comprehension of concepts, predictive techniques and their applications. Case studies for readings would be given to test the comprehension of the student.

The fee for appearing in exams is as under :

Examination fee for any of Astrology Course described below: US$ 250 or equivalent in Indian Rupees (INR). Upon passing the examination the students will be issued a Certificate. For papers not cleared successfully, one has to reappear. In case of reappearance the Examination fee would be payable again.

Medium of Instruction :

Medium of instruction will be English, Hindi &/or Marathi and the student can answer the question in English, Hindi &/or Marathi.

All tuition is conducted via email with students submitting homework at the end of each lesson. The lesson is marked and returned to the student.

Tuition Fees including Course Material has been specified in the following table. (Excluding Outside India, Shipping charges extra)

The student must pay the Course fee as “One Time Payment”. A student can join for more than one course at a time.

The Fee and Payment Structure for the courses will be as follows :



It is a Foundation course to disclose you the basic analysis of the horoscope. Any person who has an interest in the Astrology, can begin to learn Vedic Astrology by studying this course. Many of you just want know what Vedic Astrology is all about, how it works and what all the parameters of Vedic Astrology.

The Vedic Astrology Foundation Course is designed for those who want to begin studying astrology seriously. The course covers, in depth, the Basic Building Blocks of Astrology without which further study is not really possible.

This will cover all the necessary basic principles of Vedic Astrology. The theories of Vedic astrology will be taught with the help of several horoscopes (Case Studies). Enough to understand and interpret a horoscope.

As all our teaching is by Online interactive. you can ask & we will explain.We teach all the basic principles in the “JYOTISH VISHARAD” Course itself, so that you will be able to understand, interpret a horoscope & can definitelypredict some good forecasts. After that you can join the Advanced Astrology Course – “JYOTISH RATNA” course to study & analyze more charts and gainmore hands on experience.

With our Course you can sit at Home and Learn!!


               After completion of Basic Course of (J1.Jyotish Visharad).

This course is for the keen student of Astrology who wants a deeper knowledge of the Vedic Astrology.

In Vedic Astrology Standard course you will be taught the finer techniques and advanced methods of analysis.

This is for those who are fairly well versed with Vedic Astrology but are still a bit week in some aspects of it. Some are not good at predicting about marriage, Some are not good at marriage matching, Some are not good at profession and some want to know about authentic remedial measures.


               After completion of Standard Course of (J2.Jyotish Ratna).

Vedic Astrology Professional course is for the student, who wants to know each and every aspect of Vedic Astrology and want to apply the various principles and predictive tips and techniques to the horoscope, so that the prediction can be of great accuracy.

Student, who wants Registration in Professional Course, should have the all knowledge of the Vedic Astrology Standard course (J2). With this course the person becomes Master (Acharya) of the subject “Vedic Astrology” and can also teach & train other persons upto the Predictive Techniques in Astrology.


The Vedic Astrology Diploma Course takes your astrological studies further specific. Whether you wish to carry on studying astrology for self-development purposes or in order to teach & train as a professional astrologer, the Diploma Course aims to help you achieve these goals. You can become Shastri – Shastra Gyani. Course exclusively designed for Specialization in Different areas of Vedic Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Spiritual Healing.

Courses Title

Within India

Outside India

Course content

J1.0 Vedic Astrology Foundation Course – (JYOTISH VISHARAD)
(2 Months)
Rs. 10000/- USD 475 Introduction, the basic building blocks of astrology without which further study is not really possible, basic analysis of the horoscope.
J2.0 Vedic Astrology
Standard Course –

(3 Months)
Rs. 20000/- USD 775 You can become a Professional Astrologer & Practitioner of Vedic Astrology. Deeper knowledge of the VedicAstrology, the finer techniques and advanced methods of analysis.
J3.0 Vedic Astrology
Professional Course –

(4 Months)
Rs. 30000/- USD 1075 You can become a Professional Astrologer& Teacher of Astrology. Each and every aspect of Vedic Astrology and how to apply the various principles and predictive tips and techniques to the horoscope for accurate prediction.
J4. : Specialization in
: (Area of Astrology)
J4.1 Vedic Astrology
Diploma (Basic)

(10 weeks)
Rs. 7000/- USD 275 Introduction, Astronomy, Casting of Horoscope, Panchang, Predictive Basic.
J4.2 Vedic Astrology
Diploma –
Advance Level I

(10 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 (BASIC+ Vimshottari Dasha / AD Determination, Aspect, Combustion, Planetary Awasthas, Planetary Conjunctions i.e. Yoga analysis
J4.3 Vedic Astrology
Diploma –
Advance Level II

(10 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 Divisional Charts, Transit, Eclipse, Ashtak Varga, Varsha Phal, Tajik
J4.4 Vedic Astrology
Diploma –
Advance Level III

(10 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 MundaneAstrology,Astro Meteorology, Ardra Parvesh, Commodity Pricing, Sarvatobhadra Chakra
J4.5 Vedic Astrology
Diploma –
(Professional Level I)
– Relationships, Love,
compatibility, Marriage

(10 weeks)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 Relationship & Marriage Parameters, Nakashtra Compatibility: GrahaCompatibility (Kuja Dosha), Bhava Compatibility, Marriage Muhurata
J4.6 Vedic Astrology
Diploma –
(Professional Level II) –
Medical Astrology

(10 weeks)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 Health and Diseases Interpretation, Longevity – Parameters, Longevity – Mathematical, Balarishta
J4.7 Vedic Astrology
Diploma –
(Professional Level III) –
(10 weeks)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 Progeny-Parameters,Progeny promise, Progeny – Nava Dosha
J4.8 Vedic Remedial
Astrology – Level I

(10 weeks)
Rs. 20000/- USD 775 According to Hindu astrology analysis of natal chart, suggestion of astrology remedies to make life better. (Upasana or propitiations of Nava Grahas, Lal Kitab Upayas, Gems Remedies)
J4.9 Vedic Remedial
Astrology – Level II

(10 weeks)
Rs. 20000/- USD 775 Detailed study of Mantra Shastra from Ancient Granthas, upasana for siddhikarak mantras, yantra siddhi, etc.
J4.10 Spiritual Astrology
(10 weeks)
Rs. 20000/- USD 795 Spiritual astrology interprets the astrology chart from the perspective of specific issues of soul development and soul purpose.
J4.11 Horary Astrology –
(Prashna Shastra)

(10 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 Prashna Background, Concerning health, concerning finance, wealth, Relationships, Job/Business, progeny, Disease, Court Cases, Death, theft/lost, Combinations.
J4.12 Muhurta Astrology
(10 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 Electional Astrology, Muhurta factor, the meaning and effect, the relative importance, Example muhurtas.
J4.13 Jaimini Shastra –
Advance Level I

(3 Months)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 Fundamentals of Jaimini, Rasi Aspects, Argala, Atma, Amatya and other Chara Karakas, Naisargika Karakas, Dasa Lengths, Padas, Svamsa, the method of decoding Jaimini Sutras.
J4.14 Jaimini Shastra –
Advance Level II

(3 Months)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 1st& 2nd quarters of the first chapter, Determining Career, Capability, Home, Passion, Dharma, Description of the Spouse, Courage and will, Disease tendency, Leadership, Intelligence; Speech, Spiritual Development; Mantra.
J4.15 Jaimini Shastra –
Advance Level III

(3 Months)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 3rd quarter of the first chapter, Determining fame, wealth, success, and Raja Yogas.
J4.16 Jaimini Shastra –
Advance Level IV

(3 Months)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 The 4th quarter of the first chapter, Determining Family life, Marriage, qualities of spouse, children, siblings, Upapada, Career determination, Shastiamsa (D60) Varga.
J4.17 Jaimini Shastra –
(Professional Level)

(4 Months)
Rs. 20000/- USD 775 Jaimini Aspect, Karaka, Dasha Count, Arudha, Special Lagnas, Karakamsha Lagna, Chara & Sthir Karaka, Interpretation Arudha Lagna, Dara Pada, UpPada, Jaimini Dasha, Jaimini Longevity, Balarishta, Maraka Dasha, Argala Analysis, Devata Shodhan, Navamsha, Sthir, Shoola & Brahma Dashas, Chara Dasha, Jaimini Raj Yoga, Adhana (Conception) Lagna and Prashna Lagna Interpretation.
J5. : Specialization in
: (Area of
J5.0 Numerology
(5 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 Numbers, ruling planets, metals, gem and color, Numbers, alphabets auspicious days and their friendship enmity relations, Numbers and their significations, Signs corresponding numbers and their periods, Interpretation of Root Numbers, Number Types, To find auspicious date, To find auspicious house/ country, Association of Birth Number, Name Numbers, Affinity between signs, Horse racing & Numbers, Numbers and Prashna.
J6.: Specialization in :
(Area of Vastu Shastra)
J6.1 Vastu Shastra –

(4 weeks)
Rs. 10000/- USD 575 Overview, Origin, Life force Energy, Five Elements, Cardinal Directions, Selection of Land, Interior and Exterior, Orientation of Home
J6.2 Vastu Shastra –
Advance Level I

(6 weeks)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 Overview, Origin, Life force Energy, Five Elements, Cardinal Directions, Selection of Land, Interior and Exterior, Orientation of Home, Commercial Vaastu, Pyramids
J6.3 Vastu Shastra –
Advance Level II

(6 weeks)
Rs. 15000/- USD 675 Mythological Significators of Vastu Shastra, Astrology Essentials to Vastu, Vastu Background, Basic 5 Elements – Earth- Water- Fire- Air- Aakash, Interiors, Commercial Constructions, Standard Layout Design for Houses, Muhuratas – Auspicious time for construction, Vastu Defects Remedies
J7. : Specialization in
(Area of Spiritual Education)
J7.0 Holistic Healing
(Soul, Mind & Body)

(10 weeks)
Rs. 30000/- USD 1075 Spiritual Awakening, Healing and Enlightening. Inner work leads to the consciousness beyond the mind. Learn how to change your life, control your life & love your life